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Church Administration & Staff


Reverend Sam (Awun) Hwang         Pastor

The Reverend David L. Phillips        Pastor Emeritus

Philip Krepps                                       Organist – Choir Director

Karen Davenport Bahr                       Administrative Assistant




Rev. Sam (Awun) Hwang, Session Moderator

, Clerk of Session

Victor Recchi, Treasurer

Frank Moltz, Associate Treasurer

Mimi Petts, Presbyterian Women Moderator




Class of 2017                           Class of 2018                          Class of 2019

Youngsuk Kim                            David Craig                                 Judith Youngman

Victor Recchi                               Evelyn Landis*

                                                       Maggie Little*



Moderator, Ann Recchi

Secretary, Dorothy Snyder

Treasurer, Susan Kemnitz

Class of 2017                         Class of 2018                          Class of 2019

Ann Recchi                                 Judy Kolb*                                   Susan Kemnitz*

Alison Hopper                           Dorothy Snyder                           Tammy Winters



*Denotes 2nd term

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