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About Us

About Us

About Us

About our church:

The First Presbyterian Church is a congregation committed to the Reformed faith.

We find our strength united in faith expressed through worship, learning and service.

We are committed to Jesus Christ and seek to show his love through service for God’s children inside and outside the Church walls.

About our small groups: 

Presbyterian Women – The women of our congregation meet throughout the year for fellowship, education and service.

Activities of our women include the annual Salad Luncheon, Lenten Dinners, Palm Sunday Tea, seasonal rummage sales and hosting the social time following the Sunday Worship Service.

In outreach programs, our members are active in area nursing homes and mission organizations.

Young Adult Group – A small number of students from the area colleges (Lycoming College and Penn College) have been joining us every Sunday for the Sunday Worship Service. The group seeks to meet on a regular basis to study God’s Word and explore outreach opportunities for the purpose of growing together in faith.

About our denomination:

A Newcomers’ Guide to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)  is helpful if you are not familiar with our denomination.

Also, for those who did not grow up in a Presbyterian church, here is a short rundown of the lingo: Presbyterian Lingo will interpret the language that you are likely to hear in a Presbyterian church that you may not have heard in another church.

Want to explore more? Go to What do Presbyterians believe about…?

(e.g. the Bible, Jesus, faith and patriotism, predestination, the end of the world, and many more)


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